Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The price of patience and self-control

The price of patience and self-control. The heat of our days (and nights) seems to overcome many individuals in the country. Summer time brings its temptations, attempts to go to conflicts. They maybe war or side-"tiny" wars but here each soul is beyond all measurements of human value, just as the nature is, animals, the soil that so often cried along the centuries from the beginning of conscious history in this area.

My real name is Abraham, the one I was given and that tracks back to this adamah/soil and land that has been given to those I consider as mines because I belong to their history and destiny and clutch to it; others left or deprived, drifted away and quit. Two days ago, I was given a small box of Alcamol (anti-headache and fever) and inside there are pieces of the trunk of the said or so-called terebinth or oak at Mamre.

It is definitely not sure these Mamre's Oaks are the ones "paleo-grandpa & ma" Abraham and Sarah had contemplated. But it makes sense as one of the major tasks I could accomplish was to have a Memra (Mamre Oak and Divine Word) association and seminar that over more than 15 years gathered around 200 persons per week to study the spiritual, psychological and human daily significance of Semantic Hebrew and Aramaic in the Scriptures, Bible and New Testament, Synagogue and Church traditions and the Talmud.
Tammuz is a special month. it starts tomorrow night. A month that deploys in Summer here in our hemisphere and Winter for the South Hemisphere, in South africa. It has attached our genealogies, pedigrees and theological, spiritual, cultural "mental identity" to the Sumerian civilization. The one that showed in Mesopotamia and connected, continues to link - a bit in a desperate way - Ancient Egypt and present-day Iraq, Ancient Babel/Babylone. It extended to Persia and the creed developed by a certain Zaratushtra whose adepts are currently "dying off", though things are not defined with much precision.

All that goes on, Tammuz after Tammuz, i.e. year after year that trace back to specific Middle-Eastern and local Land of Canaan, Land of Israel and the monotheistic traditions. Things and events slide down, slowly and are driven to other regions of the planet.

Still, the newness of Israel allows the gathering-in of special individuals and societal groups in the way the Churches have tried to expand: Jews of all races and tongues, countries, looks and non-Jews as well arrive here to meet the descent of "unknown or unrecognized parentage". Tammuz is the time of the destruction of the Temples, the concealment of the Divine Presence. A Period of return to God because there should be some awareness of transgressing Divine principles or Mitzvot or Commandments.

At the present, we are more embattled in some renewed process of "conscious hatred" (destruction of the First Temple) and "baseless unfounded hatred (destruction of the Second Temple). We are more in a sort of a soup that mixes up all the required ingredients into a hideous and tantamount test to join love and hatred into some unprecised troublesome turbulence. Very close to the tsunamis, earth-quakes... Believers would know that these are only very small signs and that we can surface over the waves with faith and calm.

Other peoples do suffer in terrible ways. They do, especially in this region where the Don Quixotic dream or nightmare of unity and full Love constantly interrogates our brains and conscience so far we think we are humane indeed.

History only starts tomorrow with the numerous shakes that make our societies stumble and hope ahead and beyond any despair. Suffering is at the heart of all living destinees and tomorrow peace does begin, maybe not that much tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow and even later as "tomorrow" means in Arabic "fil buqra", an indefiniteday or period or season, but there is hope beyond hope and comfort must be brought to each individual. It is far more questionable how to do.

The South African turtoise goes ahead, also in the heat because even winter is hot there in some places... slowly, slowly that memory could shape the future we may want to avoid both in blessings and "unknownness".