Thursday, October 3, 2013

Føroyar – Faroe islands Part I of a NKR program

The Faroe Islands are a set of "vulcanic 'stones'" in the middle of the North Atlantic Sea, connecting Scotland, Iceland, Norway and for the moment an autonomous part of the Kingdom of Denmark. I had lived there 40 years ago and still use to read the language and listen to the radio, also from the middle of the Old City of Jerusalem in my home above the Anastasis/Church of the Resurrection. The Faroe Islands are going through very difficult "relational" and international times, problems in managing their economy and fisheries (makrel and herring "captured" by the European Community the Faringers say) and dreaming their independence without being capable to consolidate their own true identity and local society. The land is wonderful, stunning. A good program realized by the NRK-TV, the Norwegian TV station.

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